I get questions about this subject from many of our teachers. There are times when I am not currently available enough to reply and return one by one.

I will try to answer the questions in this topic. We would be pleased if our knowledgeable teachers would like to help under this subject.

Question1: I drew my products with the XML I have. Updated prices or content in XML. How can I update?

Answer 1: Each product should have a unique code. This code is found in column mapping > in the database > as a model. You need to select your product code against this model.

> You selected your product code, uploaded the first XML to the system, the products arrived. If you want to update, you need to set the option in the field in the picture below as shown so that the products with the same model number are updated.


Question2: How can I add the values ​​in the product options section in XML in the form of an array (Array) in a healthy way?

Answer2: Array, that is, the options that come in the form of an array, the outermost node, that is, 0, if there is an inner node, that is, the name of the other node 0.

> In other words, there are option groups coming in a series. In one group, the other sub node with size, color, price value, that is, the other size, price, color values ​​from the sub-array.

> Whether this series comes with the product name, if we start from this, the node that covers all the outermost all will be 0, and the first node after the next product will be 0.

> The program I mentioned above understands as follows: 0/product/0

> If your directory comes as a group group, you can reach the first group as above, and the second group as 0/product/1.

> Let's assume that there is a field called color in the group, there is a value against it, we reach this value as follows: 0/product/0/color

> To get options in a group 0/product/0/color+0/product/0/size+0/product/1/color+0/product/1/size

> The parts you marked with dark red above reach the first group and take the values ​​in the specified fields. The greens take the values ​​from the 2nd group.

> The + sign between them is a sign to separate them. indicates that each has a different value.

Question3: While adding products, I forgot to import a field with XML and I imported the products. Can I import only one field?

Answer 3: Yes. If you select the product code in front of the model section in the database of the Column Mapping section (here, it can be product_id, not your product code, whatever the option from your xml is in the preview), you can directly select the area you forgot and easily import it without having to mark other fields.

In this way, your system does not get tired.

Question4: I have 2000 products and I am constantly getting Timeout error while shooting products?

Answer4: First of all, if you have a php.ini file in your main directory from FTP, you should increase the max_execution_time value in it. If this file does not exist, you can do it with PHP INI editor via Cpanel or Plesk.

If you do not have such a possibility, you can get rid of the timeout by going to the options > performance menu of the Universal import export module and making the Import batch number 10 and then making the Procces Delay 100. If you are still getting timeout, increase the procces delay not 20 but 30, or decrease the import batch value.

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